Wednesday, September 15, 2010

full back tattoo bird

* The first, Eagle tattoo designs, are mostly favored by men. Because men are drawn by the eagle's power, strength and its majestic appeal. Eagles are said to be the absolute rulers of the skies which is why a lot f people have always been captivated with them. The eagle's broad wingspan connotes protection while the sharp talons and claws mean they are a menace to their enemies. Men have always associated the eagle's dominance of the skies with complete and relentless freedom and this has indeed made this design particularly popular.

* Coming in at a close second are the crow bird tattoos. Crows have always been symbols of enigma and have always been the subjects of supernatural beliefs among several different cultures around the world. Nordic tradition has believed strongly that the crow is the bird that leads souls to Walhalla- the heaven of dead warriors. The crow has also been believed to be possessed of supernatural powers and is able to change its form to trick human beings. This dark and menacing side of the crow, as is fuelled by makers of horror films, is its strongest appeal to people who seek mystery and would like to show off the sleek black and elegant features of the Crow.

* Another design that is most popular with bird tattoos is the swallow. Even before the tattoo art boom, the swallow has already become a favorite among sailors; they day that having a swallow tattoo is a symbolism of their strong inner hope to come home; since it is a known fact that swallows live on land. When the sailors see swallows flying, they know that they would see land pretty soon. Today, the swallow is represented with bold attractive colors, its forked tail and pointed wings give a striking tattoo design.

* And coming in at fourth in this countdown of the most poplar bird tattoo designs is the dainty hummingbird. This tiny bird is a favorite among women all over the world. The fact that Hummingbirds always like to hover over beautifully colored flowers have inspired many a tattoo artist to create designs to recreate this and women have always associated the Hummingbird with delicate beauty and femininity. The design is also associated with absolute freedom, life giving birth and a woman's intuition. It's tiny, colourful body is favored by women as it perfectly symbolizes a woman's gentleness and femininity.

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